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GeoVision™ Data Capture

In retail businesses, Point-of-Sale (POS) is an area that is often a considerable source of losses. Employees quickly become familiar with cash handling procedures and find ways to circumvent safeguards. Common problems are excessive discounts known as "sweet heart deals", refunds in which product is not actually returned, and "No Sale" transactions for legitimate sales. These types of problems can be difficult to catch using video alone.

The GV-Data Capture Box is specifically designed for these situations. In conjunction with a Sentry V Series DVR, the GV-Data Capture Box can record and display transaction data from your POS System. The data from each transaction is directly overlaid onto the video and a searchable database is created allowing you to pinpoint video with abnormal transactions. The GV-Data Capture box is an excellent add-on to any V Series video security system.

Model: GV-Data Capture Box V3/GV-Data Capture V3E *The GV-Data Capture V3E is an Ethernet version of the V3 allowing the integration of POS systems and V Series DVRs via LAN, WAN or Internet.

All accessories are warranted for 1 year for parts and labor and 1 years' toll free telephone support is provided.

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