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High School Recording Server

High School Recording Server

maXia™ Solutions Group designed and built a recording server for an integration partner who won a bid to provide a video surveillance system for a high school in the northern-US.

maXia Solutions Group System Design Specialists had to ensure that our server would be capable of handling over 100 high-resolution IP cameras and therefore required a very powerful CPU combination and high recording throughput. Below is a summary of the server specifications: 

Video Recording Server
• Windows™ Server 2016
• Milestone™ XProtect® Professional+
• Dual E5-2697 Xeon™ Processors
• Dual SSD OS Drives (RAID1)
• 3x 300GB 15.7K SAS Drives (RAID Configured) for Live Database
• 5x 8TB Seagate Skyhawk Drives (RAID Configured)
• 2U Rackmount with 8 Drive Bays
• 5 Year maXia Extended Service and Support Plan

For more information on this project or for details on other recent custom builds, click below.

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"The service, support and products we receive always go above and beyond our expectations "
- Clayton Potter
Pike Country School Board

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