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Sentry Storage Calculator

Sentry Security Systems Inc. has developed a smartphone application which calculates the network bandwidth and/or storage requirements of an IP-based video surveillance system. These calculations are based on the number of cameras, their resolutions and the recording frame rate, as well as the video quality and compression of the cameras using the same formula as our online calculator.

To download the app, please visit our Google Play page by clicking the link below, or search "Sentry Security Systems" on your Google Play app.

The Sentry Storage and Bandwidth Calculator App is a useful tool for determining an application's bandwidth and/or storage requirements on-site or on the go from your smartphone.

[visit link]

"The Sentry Dealer Program offers me more than just a "good deal" on products. Their staff always go above and beyond, providing me with personalized tools and resources providing the overall value my business needs."
- Lyn Stukes
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