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Voice over IP Communications

Wednesday, August the 15th, 2018

Voice over IP Communications

maXia™ Solutions Group designed and built a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) server for an integration partner who specializes in developing and installing scalable, locally-managed VoIP phone system solutions.

To satisfy a requirement of the bid, maXia Solutions Group System Design Specialists had to ensure that our server would be configured with RAID10 (1 + 0), be scalable to meet future demand and fit within a tight budget.

Voice over IP Server
• Windows™ 10 Professional
• Xeon™ Processor
• SSD OS Drives
• 4x 1TB SATA Drives (RAID 10)
• 4U Lockable Rackmount
• 5 Year maXia Extended Service and Support Plan

For more information on this project and its applications, click below.,

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Monitored by maXia

Wednesday, August the 8th, 2018

Reduce downtime while increasing the system’s value and reliability

With remote diagnostics and repair capabilities, our technical team act as first responders for your CCTV installations.

Our monitored by maXia monitoring service can be deployed on any Windows™ based video recording server when ordering or can be deployed on-site to monitor for potential abnormalities and contacts our technicians directly for more timely diagnostics and repairs.
For more information on the Monitored by maXia service, pricing or to set up an account, please contact your Sentry Account Representative at 866.736.8796 or login to the dealer section of our website by clicking below

The Sentry Media Hub - Business in the front, party in the house

Wednesday, July the 18th, 2018

The Sentry Media Hub - Business in the front, party in the house

The Sentry Media Hub is a platform designed to store, share and serve IP camera video, digital videos, movies, music and images to streaming devices and may also be used as a standalone media player or for streaming. The quiet, stylish case will be right at home with existing audio and video equipment. 4k video support, built-in Wifi and Bluetooth are standard and audio inputs/outputs with a Burr Brown digital-to-analog chip are optional.

When combined with your preferred media software (not included), the Sentry Media Hub provides a high-end, reliable and unique media solution.

The Sentry Media Hub
• Windows™ 10 Professional OS
• Dual GB - Onboard/Wifi/Bluetooth
• Up to 20TB of storage
• Dual HDMI/DVI - 4K support at 60hz
• ASUS Essence STX II with Burr Brown DAC
• Pioneer Ultra HD 4k Player/Burner

For more information on the Sentry Media Hub click below.

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Modernize your analog installations with HD-TVI

Thursday, July the 5th, 2018

Modernize your analog installations with HD-TVI

Upgrading analog video surveillance systems to HD-TVI is one of the most time-efficient and cost-effective ways for installers to transition into high definition video surveillance using already existing coax cabling.

Sentry Security Systems Inc. offers a complete line of HD-TVI products, including our Galaxy® HD-TVI Network Video Recorders as well as a number of HD-TVI cameras available in bullet, dome and turret-styles.

Galaxy® HD-TVI NVRs

An affordable and easy-to-use solution that allows HD-TVI cameras to utilize existing coax cable to transmit high-definition video, the Galaxy® HD-TVI NVRs are available in 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel models.
• Synchronous playback from all channels
• Support for IP camera connection
• Up to 32TB video storage (32ch model)
• Seamless integration with Galaxy® HD-TVI cameras
For more information on the Galaxy® HD-TVI NVRs, click here.

Galaxy® HD-TVI Cameras

Available in bullet, dome or turret-styles, the Galaxy® HD-TVI series of cameras are an affordable, indoor/outdoor solution that integrates seamlessly with Galaxy® HD-TVI NVRs.
• Up to 2MP resolution
• Analog HD output
• Available in fixed or vari-focal lenses
• Up to 130 ft (40m) IR Range
For more information on the Galaxy® line of HD-TVI cameras, click here.

For more information on the Galaxy® HD-TVI NVRs or HD-TVI cameras, click the link below.

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Custom Servers for Residential Applications

Wednesday, June the 20th, 2018

Custom Servers for Residential Applications

Working with a new installer on a project for a multi-million dollar home with existing home automation equipment, Sentry Security Systems Inc. designed and built a custom video management server to work with Lilin Navigator VMS Recording Software as a replacement to a pre-configured NVR.

Chosen for their 14-years' experience with Lilin products, Navigator software, home automation integration and their expertise with custom servers, Sentry Security Systems Inc. assisted in developing the new system, which was specified to include the following:

Lilin Outdoor 2MP PTZ - [PSD4624EX-30]
• 30x Optical Zoom
• 4.3mm to 129mm VF lens
• 360⁰ Endless Pan

Lilin Outdoor 2MP Vandal Dome - [ZR6122EX3 (EOL)]
• 25m (80ft) IR Range
• 2.8- 12mm Motorized VF lens
• IP67 and IK10 Protection

Lilin Indoor 2MP PTZ - [IPS5300E]
• 30x Optical Zoom
• 4.4-132mm VF lens
• 360⁰ Endless Pan

Lilin Indoor 4MP Dome - [MR2942AX]
• 30m (100ft) IR Range
• 2.8-12mm VF lens

IR Panel Illuminator - [IM5308]
• 200m (650ft) IR Range
• 24 IR LEDs
• IP67 Protection

Sentry’s Technical Services Division also suggested during the project development that a custom NVR would be best suited to the project.

Lilin Recording Software Server
• 2U Rackmount Chassis
• 8 Hot Swappable Drive Bays
• 32TB Storage Capacity (expandable up to 80TB)
• Lilin Navigator VMS Recording Software
• 5 Year Sentry Extended Service and Support Plan

For more information on Custom Servers and Workstations from Sentry Security Systems Inc., or for more information on Lilin products, click below.

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New! maXia Motorized IP Cameras

Wednesday, May the 30th, 2018

New! maXia Motorized IP Cameras

Fine-tuning the field of view (FOV) on a varifocal lens IP camera is an important part of the installation and can be time-consuming, making adjustments manually and verifying each adjustment. By installing motorized varifocal lens IP cameras, installation time is significantly reduced and fine-tuned via local live display or remote access. After installation, the FOV is much more easily adjusted should the FOV requirements change.

Sentry Security Systems Inc. is pleased to announce we’ve added motorized varifocal IP cameras to our very popular maXia™ BL Series and the maXia™ VD Series IP cameras! These cameras, available in 2 and 4 megapixel versions, include up to a 5 year warranty (5 year replacement warranty available) and are also now available with Milestone™ Express+ VMS licenses included.

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Milestone Equipped maXia IP Cameras and Sentry NVRs

Friday, May the 11th, 2018

When combined with video recording servers designed and built by Sentry Security Systems Inc., the Milestone™ XProtect VMS portfolio offers solutions for applications requiring only a few cameras to multi-site, centrally managed high-security needs.

It is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations, providing flexible choices in network hardware and integrations with other systems. Milestone™ XProtect VMS provides a way for customers to monitor, record and playback recorded video.

Sentry's Milestone Series of network video recorders (NVRs) are purpose-built for use with Milestone™ XProtect® Video Management Software. This Series of NVRs pair well with our maXia™ line of IP cameras that come with Milestone™ XProtect® Express+ licensing.

MS-MAXIA IP cameras come equipped with Milestone™ XProtect® Express+ licensing and are particularly well suited for use with our line of Sentry Network Video Recorders.

For more information on the Sentry Milestone™-equipped line of products, click below.

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New - The maXia Turret

Thursday, January the 4th, 2018

The maXia™ FT Series are 4 megapixel (2688 x 1520) turret-style IP cameras with IR LEDs designed for use both indoors and outdoors. These cameras feature IR LEDs that provide up to a 100' (30m) range, two power options (PoE/12V DC) and up to 5 years of warranty coverage.

For more information about the maXia FT4MP IP camera or to download the cut sheet, click below..

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Sentry Security and SkyHawk Surveillance

Friday, November the 17th, 2017

Sentry Security Systems Inc. was featured in an article published by Seagate. Since late 2016, Sentry has been primarily using SkyHawk hard drives in video recording systems increasing both the performance and reliability of our systems.

For the full article, click the link below.

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"The service, support and products we receive always go above and beyond our expectations "
- Clayton Potter
Pike Country School Board

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