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Sentry Storage Calculator

Thursday, November the 30th, 2017

Sentry Security Systems Inc. has developed a smartphone application which calculates the network bandwidth and/or storage requirements of an IP-based video surveillance system. These calculations are based on the number of cameras, their resolutions and the recording frame rate, as well as the video quality and compression of the cameras using the same formula as our online calculator.

To download the app, please visit our Google Play page by clicking the link below, or search "Sentry Security Systems" on your Google Play app.

The Sentry Storage and Bandwidth Calculator App is a useful tool for determining an application's bandwidth and/or storage requirements on-site or on the go from your smartphone.

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Introducing the Dynamis Series

Friday, November the 17th, 2017

Sentry Security Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the release and availability of our line of video management systems, the Dynamis Series. Previously known as the NVR series, the Sentry Dynamis is built using commercial and industrial grade componentry by a team with almost 20 years’ experience in digital video technology.

Offered in both a compact desktop style and 4U rackmounts, our Dynamis series is particularly well suited for use in applications requiring recording, viewing and playback from up to 200 megapixels from connected IP cameras when used with traditional NVR/VMS software with live viewing capabilities.

For more information on the Sentry Dynamis Series of NVRs, click below.

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Sentry Security and SkyHawk Surveillance

Friday, November the 17th, 2017

Sentry Security Systems Inc. was featured in an article published by Seagate. Since late 2016, Sentry has been primarily using SkyHawk hard drives in video recording systems increasing both the performance and reliability of our systems.

For the full article, click the link below.

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The SVR Max15-200

Wednesday, October the 25th, 2017

The SVR Max15-200

Sentry Security Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the release and availability of the SVR Max15-200 (previously the Max15-150). The SVR Max15 Series platform is designed to achieve the highest performance for recording, viewing and playback, and now supports up to 200 megapixels from connected IP cameras or more when using VMS recording software from Milestone™, Genetec™, etc....

With 15 trayless and lockable, hot-swap capable removable hard drive bays offering up to 150TB (15 x 10TB HDDs) of video storage along with this increase in megapixels makes the Max15-200 an excellent choice for applications requiring a large number of fisheye or other IP cameras that have larger processing requirements.

For more information about the SVR Max15-200 video recording server or to download the cut sheet, click below.

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- Clayton Potter
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