Sentry Security Systems Inc.

Leadership at Sentry Security Systems Inc.

Manager of Technical Services, Nick Keller

Nick KellerWith over 15 years of experience in technical service, support and networking, Nick oversees all custom server specifications, development, testing and technical support, including video recording servers, storage arrays and workstations. Nick's ability to recognize potential issues is a huge part of our performance and reliability recipe.

Vice President of Finance, Mike Meulenbroeks

Mike MeulenbroeksWith over 25 years of experience in financial and accounting roles, Mike has been working with Sentry Security Systems Inc. since 2002 and currently oversees all finance and accounting functions, including day-to-day purchasing and vendor relations. Mike relies on his keen instincts developed from many years at the financial wheel to ensure the proper resources are available where needed to fulfill project requirements.

Vice President of Sales, Jason Brunet

Jason BrunetWith over 15 years in sales management experience, Jason oversees all sales activities and is responsible for sales strategy and business planning and has been a part of the Sentry Security Systems Inc. team for nearly 12 years. Jason's invincible sales determination and entrepreneurial spirit inspires a generation of new business.

CEO, Mike Demmons

Mike Demmons

With over 20 years in the high-tech industry most of which include experience in producing commercial grade server/PC products, Mike has been working in video surveillance with Sentry Security Systems Inc. since 2003. Mike enjoys overseeing the day-to-day activities with a focus on longer term planning and execution.

"The Sentry Dealer Program offers me more than just a "good deal" on products. Their staff always go above and beyond, providing me with personalized tools and resources providing the overall value my business needs."
- Lyn Stukes
Secure World Technical Solutions

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