Sentry Security Systems Inc.


Historic Milestones for Sentry Security Systems Inc.

  • 2017
    Launched Monitored by maXia
    Launched our new Custom Server division, maXia™ Solutions Group
    Released the Galaxy series of NVRs

  • 2016
    Rebranded the RPIP Series to the Sentry maXia Series
    Introduced the Xeon Touch to the SVR family of video recording servers
    Introduced a 5 Year Replacement Warranty option on maXia Series IP cameras

  • 2015
    Became a Certified Milestone™ Partner
    Introduced the Sentry RPIP PTZ Series

  • 2014
    Joined the Axis™ Technology Partner Program
    Introduced the Sentry SVR Series of Network Video Recorder
    Introduced a 16 port PoE Switch to our own line of PoE Switches
    Partnered with Merit Lilin™, offering CCTV solutions to Home Automation Installers
  • 2013
    Introduced the Sentry Rugged NVR
    Introduced 2MP and 3MP RP-IP Camera models to our popular RP-IP lineup
    Introduced the RP EyeP Guard NVR
  • 2012
    Introduced the Sentry CVR-IP Series
    Introduced the Sentry Online Quoting System for Sentry Dealers
    Introduced the Sentry 8 Port PoE Switch
    Introduced the Sentry i7Max NVR System
    Introduced the Sentry RP and V Series Compact DVRs
  • 2011
    Introduced the new Sentry Auto Tracking PTZ Camera Line
    Introduced the Sentry 831WDR-VP-VF Mini Dome Camera
    Introduced the Sentry Video Balun Product Line
    Introduced Sentry RP and V Series Embedded DVRs
  • 2010
    Introduced Sentry RP-IP Network Cameras
  • 2009
    Introduced Sentry Network/IP Products
    Introduced Sentry long range digital wireless products
  • 2008
    Introduced SE Series embedded DVRs
    Introduced LP Series of low cost, high performance DVRs
  • 2007
    Introduced Sentry Access Control
    Introduced LE-Lite Series Linux-based embedded DVRs
    Introduced New Sentry Access Control
  • 2006
    Introduced the Sentry PT23DN-AT/OD Auto-Tracking Camera
    Introduced 40 camera Sentry RP Series of DVRs
    Introduced LE Series Linux-based embedded DVRs
    Introduced the SMD-04HC Mobile DVRs
  • 2005
    Introduced the Sentry line of CCTV Security Cameras
    Introduced the Sentry R Series Family of DVRs and Video Web Servers
  • 2004
    480fps DVR systems introduced
    Introduced LE Series Linux-based embedded DVRs
    Formed a partnership with a US CCTV distribution company
    Introduced the SMD-04 Mobile DVRs
  • 2003
    Formed a partnership with a UK CCTV distribution company
    Introduced H Series Video Capture Boards and H Series DVRs
    Introduced EDR-4 embedded DVRs
    240fps DVR systems introduced
  • 2002
    120fps DVR systems introduced Began distributing Merit Li-lin™ Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras
    Launched Sentry brand accessories (housings, brackets, etc)
    Began distributing Foresight™ camera lenses
  • 2001
    Began distributing Mintron™ CCTV cameras
    Dealer/reseller business unit setup
    16 camera DVRs introduced
    Began distributing Computar™ camera lenses
  • 2000
    Built first Digital Video Recorders(DVR) with GV cards (4 camera, 30 frame per second, dial-up communications)
    First installations of complete DVR systems and security cameras
    Website Launched
  • 1999
    Sentry Security Systems founded. Market and product research began

"Very happy with the reliability and performance of Sentry products"
- Horry County School District

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