Sentry Security Systems Inc.


Historic Milestones for Sentry Security Systems Inc.

  • 2017
    Launched Monitored by maXia
    Launched our new Custom Server division, maXia™ Solutions Group
    Released the Galaxy series of NVRs

  • 2016
    Rebranded the RPIP Series to the Sentry maXia Series
    Introduced the Xeon Touch to the SVR family of video recording servers
    Introduced a 5 Year Replacement Warranty option on maXia Series IP cameras

  • 2015
    Became a Certified Milestone™ Partner
    Introduced the Sentry RPIP PTZ Series

  • 2014
    Joined the Axis™ Technology Partner Program
    Introduced the Sentry SVR Series of Network Video Recorder
    Introduced a 16 port PoE Switch to our own line of PoE Switches
    Partnered with Merit Lilin™, offering CCTV solutions to Home Automation Installers
  • 2013
    Introduced the Sentry Rugged NVR
    Introduced 2MP and 3MP RP-IP Camera models to our popular RP-IP lineup
    Introduced the RP EyeP Guard NVR
  • 2012
    Introduced the Sentry CVR-IP Series
    Introduced the Sentry Online Quoting System for Sentry Dealers
    Introduced the Sentry 8 Port PoE Switch
    Introduced the Sentry i7Max NVR System
    Introduced the Sentry RP and V Series Compact DVRs
  • 2011
    Introduced the new Sentry Auto Tracking PTZ Camera Line
    Introduced the Sentry 831WDR-VP-VF Mini Dome Camera
    Introduced the Sentry Video Balun Product Line
    Introduced Sentry RP and V Series Embedded DVRs
  • 2010
    Introduced Sentry RP-IP Network Cameras
  • 2009
    Introduced Sentry Network/IP Products
    Introduced Sentry long range digital wireless products
  • 2008
    Introduced SE Series embedded DVRs
    Introduced LP Series of low cost, high performance DVRs
  • 2007
    Introduced Sentry Access Control
    Introduced LE-Lite Series Linux-based embedded DVRs
    Introduced New Sentry Access Control
  • 2006
    Introduced the Sentry PT23DN-AT/OD Auto-Tracking Camera
    Introduced 40 camera Sentry RP Series of DVRs
    Introduced LE Series Linux-based embedded DVRs
    Introduced the SMD-04HC Mobile DVRs
  • 2005
    Introduced the Sentry line of CCTV Security Cameras
    Introduced the Sentry R Series Family of DVRs and Video Web Servers
  • 2004
    480fps DVR systems introduced
    Introduced LE Series Linux-based embedded DVRs
    Formed a partnership with a US CCTV distribution company
    Introduced the SMD-04 Mobile DVRs
  • 2003
    Formed a partnership with a UK CCTV distribution company
    Introduced H Series Video Capture Boards and H Series DVRs
    Introduced EDR-4 embedded DVRs
    240fps DVR systems introduced
  • 2002
    120fps DVR systems introduced Began distributing Merit Li-lin™ Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras
    Launched Sentry brand accessories (housings, brackets, etc)
    Began distributing Foresight™ camera lenses
  • 2001
    Began distributing Mintron™ CCTV cameras
    Dealer/reseller business unit setup
    16 camera DVRs introduced
    Began distributing Computar™ camera lenses
  • 2000
    Built first Digital Video Recorders(DVR) with GV cards (4 camera, 30 frame per second, dial-up communications)
    First installations of complete DVR systems and security cameras
    Website Launched
  • 1999
    Sentry Security Systems founded. Market and product research began

"I have recommended, and will continue to recommend Digital Video Security Systems from Sentry Security Systems Inc., to other pharmacy and business owners. "
- Dale McClesky
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